Professional Support 

Postpartum Planning    
It's not uncommon for couples to take months or even years to plan their “perfect” wedding. In the same way, expectant parents may spend a lot of time reading books and blogs, researching their options, or polling friends, relatives, and even strangers--all in an attempt to plan their “perfect” birth. But just as planning a great wedding day doesn't prepare you for the marriage to follow, planning for your ideal birth doesn't prepare you for life with an actual newborn!

That’s where we come in. At our postpartum planning session, we’ll help you prepare for the realities of life with a new baby (or babies). We’ll do an inventory of your needs, goals, tools and resources to help you put a plan in place to make your postpartum time as stress-free as possible.  

Classes & Consulting 
The maxim, "knowledge is power" might never be more true than as it relates to birth and parenting.  To help you prepare for both, we offer group classes in our space or private consultations in the comfort of your home or office.  You do not need to be a client of Gentle Spirit Doulas to take advantage of these great resources!
Birth Plans 101
You've heard about birth plans.  Maybe your physician or midwife has even suggested you bring one in.  But what should it include (or not include)?  The answer to that is as varied as birth facilities and care providers.  With over two decades of experience, we are uniquely qualified to help you formulate a personalized birth plan that not only focuses on the things that matter to you, but one which will be read and respected by the care team you have chosen.  It can even be used to improve collaborative communication with your care provider at your next prenatal visit!  

Group and Private Sessions Available 
(This service is included with all Birth Doula packages.)​

Childbirth Without Fear

Fear is a common theme among expectant mothers AND fathers, so this unique childbirth class includes a variety of ways to address fear and interrupt the fear-tension-pain cycle so you can approach your birth with a newfound confidence!  ​Some of the topics covered in class include:

  • the anatomy and terminology of birth
  • what to expect and when
  • the physical and emotional signs of labor
  • the why, when, and how of common procedures
  • comfort measures and pain relief options
  • Q&A

Group and Private Classes Available
"She is very effective at non-judgmentally exploring this topic while encouraging autonomy and empowerment in those she works with."

"Celeste provided more than a lecture, she was interactive and experiential in her teaching style."
"She helped us to reflect on and develop a deeper understanding of each others' needs and expectations in this process."
Grandparents Class
Want to be an amazing grandparent?   This class takes all your wisdom and life experience (because you didn't graduate cum laude from the School of Hard Knocks for nothing!) combines them with the latest recommendations on infant care and safety, and prepares you to be the savviest grandparent on the block!  The up-to-date information learned in this class will not only put all those who love this new baby on the same page, but it will help you navigate your new and rewarding role as the parent of another parent!